Распиновка мозгов МАС 14 Двигатель МС

ECU Pin Out MAC-14

Main ECU connector pin out, 35 pins.

When the ECU is installed in the car vertically, Pin 1 is the first pin on the right, closest to passenger door, i.e. towards the rear of the vehicle. (next to the connector release tab end). Pins 2-18 follow forward on the right side row. Pin 19 is the first pin on the left, with its position shifted slightly forward of Pin 1. Pins 20-35 follow forward on the left row.

With the ECU removed from the car and looking at the ECU at the connector end, with the metal mounting tab down and to your right. The ECU connector Pin 1 is first pin on the bottom row to the left, Pins 1-18 follow on the bottom row to the right, Pin 19 is first pin on the top row to the left, Pins 19-35 follow on the top row to the right.

1. Cold Start Valve

2. Knock Sensor #2 Signal

3. Charcoal Canister Filter solenoid control signal

4. Decel Valve

5. Engine Control Lamp control (Tan connector)

6. T6F/4 Flash Code Connector W/BL

7. Tachometer

8. CIS Freq. Valve

9. Ground

10. Coolant Sensor

11. RPM Sensor signal

12. TDC Shield and ground

13. TDC Signal

14. Over temp switch

15. Knock Sensor #1 Signal

16. Knock Sensor ground/shield

17. Boost Gauge

18. Ground (O2 sensor)

19. Waste Gate solenoid control

20. Idle Switch

21. Fuel Pump relay control

22. Ignition Module control

23. Charcoal Canister shut off (small rear valve)

24. Intake Air Temp Sensor

25. Hall Effect +12V Supply

26. Full Throttle Switch

27. Hall Sensor timing signal

28. Tan diagnostic connector, upper terminal BL/Y wire

29. RPM Sensor Shield and ground.

30. O2 sensor signal

31. Blue Diagnostic Connector, upper pin Y/BK wire

32. Brake Light Switch

33. Black Diagnostic Connector, upper pin +12V BLK wire

34. Coding connector

35. +12V Ignition supply from Terminal 15